800 South 500 East Artesian Park

On the corner 800 South and 500 East in Salt Lake City, UT is situated a small park where every day hundreds of people stop to fill their water jugs with water flowing from an artesian well. Many travel miles to get drinking water that they believe is superior to all others.  Public Utilities has received calls from consumers living as far as Ogden, but individuals may travel even greater distances to get of this water.  Those who fill their water containers swear on the benefits of this artesian water.  This artesian spring is not connected to or a part of the Salt Lake City drinking water system.  Although the artesian water is good, water from the Salt Lake City drinking water system is also of exceptional quality.  As a public service, Salt Lake City routinely samples the artesian well for potential contaminants.

The well dates back to pioneer times, when it was a stock water hole.  It is said that oxen used to transport granite slabs from Little Cottonwood Canyon to the LDS Temple stopped at the well site for rest and water.  Salt Lake City filed an underground water claim with the State Engineer in 1936 for the natural flow ranging from 2 to 20 gallons per minute from a 2-inch well.  The claim noted the water was used for domestic and culinary purposes and also furnishes the supply for a public drinking fountain.  The priority date was listed as 1890.

Park improvements were made in the fall of 1979, at that time the filling structure was constructed.  In 1983 the well casing and plumbing was upgraded.