GPS Map Key
  • GPS information updates every two minutes.
  • Click on "trails" in the top right corner to see a history of where the vehicles have traveled.  Click on the time to toggle between 15minutes/1hr/1day of history.
  • Color coded system indicates activity level:
    • Green - Moving
    • Yellow - Stopped for less than an hour
    • Red - Stopped for more than an hour
      • When vehicles are not in use, most will be located at the fleet facility near the intersection of I-215 and I-80.
    • Blue - Idling
      • Salt Lake City has a strict internal idling policy, in addition to the Idle Free Ordinance. There are a few situations where Sanitation vehicles need to idle. For example, in areas with limited space where bins must be brought to a stationary vehicle for service (like a cul-de-sac).